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Dec 28

Do you know how to choose the right bedding?

Do you know how to choose the right bedding?cid=3

The bedroom is where we sleep. If we want a comfortable sleeping environment, then we need to choose the right bedding. Many people choose cotton when they choose the bedding. In addition to this, there are Some important factors also need to be understood. There are three major factors in the selection of bedding products that we need to know.

No. 1: Natural raw materials

There are many kinds of fabric materials for bedding products. In addition to pure cotton materials, there are silk and linen. In general, cotton materials are more choices, because the fabric is soft, comfortable and easy to generate static electricity, and hygroscopicity. Better, choose pure cotton material is also divided into long-staple cotton, the best extra long suede, fine cotton, the best is definitely the fine, breathability and gloss are the best.

Silky fabric has a cool feeling, and its breathability is better than that of cotton. It is the most suitable fabric for summer use. This kind of material is less expensive and more difficult to clean. Flax is the most natural plant fiber. It is very dry and breathable. It is certainly comfortable to wear as a garment, but it is not recommended to use this material as a bedding cover.

No. 2: high support and high density

The high-density and high-density of bedding products is also a major factor of our choice. For example, the beds made of pure cotton are generally divided into 21, 32, 40, 50, 60. The higher the count, the more the fabric is. The softer the softer, the higher the comfort. Generally, it is most suitable to choose 50 or 60 as a bedding.

No. 3: Bedding design

When we choose bedding, we must of course look at the fineness of its work, because we choose the right color or the color we like, so that we can sleep comfortably. Generally speaking, we mainly check the integrity and consistency of the pattern. There are splicing places, you should pay attention to whether there is symmetry, and so on, as long as you look comfortable, buy home and cover it will feel comfortable.

The choice of bed products is related to our sleep all night, so we must compare in many ways, learn to choose your favorite bedding.