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Nov 23

Magical Compressed Towel

Towels are an essential household item in our daily lives. Whether it is at home or at a hotel, towels are one of the must-have items.

Nowadays people are increasingly demanding goods, gradually shifting from a single use function to a multi-functional, high-grade direction, and compressed towels just cater to this trend.

Magical Compressed Towel

What is a compressed towel?

Compressed towels, also known as miniature towels, are a brand new product. Through the processing of the compression process, the volume of the towel is reduced by 80% to 90% compared with the original, and the water expands when used, and the quality and shape are intact.

Advantages of compressed towels:

a. Cheap price;

b. Small in size, easy to transport, carry and store;

c. The shape after processing is varied and beautiful;

d. At the same time, it has new functions such as gifts, gifts, health and disease prevention, and is more competitive in the market.

The market outlook for compressed towels

Because the product has the advantages of convenient carrying, novel appearance, cleanliness and the like, it will become a must-have item for people to travel and travel. In high-end hotels, sauna massages, public baths, hospitals and other places, compressed towels can remove people's concerns about towel hygiene. Compressed towels can also be used as small gifts or souvenirs for hotels, airlines and travel companies. In addition, the compressed towel is UV-sterilized, and the outer casing adopts the advanced PVC packaging process, so that the product is not directly in contact with the air, thereby effectively avoids product contamination, and people can purchase and use it with confidence.

How to use compressed towels? Is the compressed towel disposable?

Magical Compressed Towel

So easy, put the compressed towel into the water for three seconds, the compressed towel will immediately become a normal size towel. (similar to the compression mask used in normal times)

Compressed towels are generally disposable. They are usually carried when traveling on a business trip. They can be used instead of ordinary towels.