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Jun 13

The Latest Definition Of The Details Of a Men Suit

The best suit combines classic craft and real-world comfort.

We more take an eye for the fine details to truly design that definitive style. Choose Traditionally, Tailored or Slim fit for that perfect look. So with that in mind, we've introduced a fresh lineup of customizations that'll make it even easier for you to suit up in a way that's all your own.

The Latest Definition Of The Details Of a Men Suit

So without further ado, allow us to introduce you to some of our latest customizations:

1: Unstructured Sport Coats: Dress things down with a small, square shoulder canvas and no shoulder padding. This looks pairs perfectly with (and adds a little sophistication to) a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

2: Soft Shoulders: Opt for a soft shoulder if you have a broader build; this will help accent all the right areas of your silhouette. If you have a lean build, more structure helps add some definition and shape.

3: Roped Shoulders: Attributed to famously prestigious Italian and Savile Row tailoring, roped shoulders are for those looking to add a little upscale edge to their style. This feature is subtle but effective, with a raised sleeve attachment that adds a small ridge where the sleeve meets the torso.

4: Three Button Roll-Over and Four Button Double Breasted Buttons: Wrap up your look with new button options for your suit jacket—from the Bond-inspired three button roll-over to the modern, four button twist to the traditional double-breasted jacket.

5: Elbow Patches: The elbow patch is usually associated with the prestige and intelligence of the hardworking university professors that started this trend. This customization option is for those that want practicality and a dash of refinement.

6: Throat Tab: Our fully detachable throat tab is designed for those especially frigid winter months, giving you the ability to fend off any unexpected frostiness (and look good doing it).