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Aug 05

What are the characteristics of coral fleece?

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Coral velvet (English name: coral fleece/coral velvet) is a new type of fabric. Coral fleece, as the name suggests, is a colorful, coral-like textile fabric with good coverage. It is a new type of fabric with fine texture, soft hand feel, not easy to shed hair, no ball, no fading, no irritation to the skin, no allergy. Beautiful appearance and rich colors.

Common coral fleece uses polyester fibers DTY150d/288f and DTY150d/144f as raw materials, with fine silk denier and small bending modulus, so the fabric has outstanding softness.

Name origin

Because of the high density between the fibers, coral-like, good coverage, soft body like living coral, colorful, so it is called coral fleece.

Export inspection standards

Light resistance: 3-4 grades of discoloration;

Washing fastness: discoloration level 4, pollution level 3;

Fastness to perspiration: Discoloration level 4, pollution level 3;

Rubbing fastness: dry rubbing grade 4, wet rubbing grade 2-3;

Dry-cleaning fastness: discoloration grade 4, pollution grade 3-4;

Color weeping: Pollution level 4-5 (the degree of pollution of two-color fabrics together)

material features

The texture is fine, soft to the touch, does not ball, and does not fade, but it will slightly shed due to the principle of weaving. Excellent water absorption performance, three times that of cotton products. No irritation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance and rich colors. It is a cotton bathrobe substitute product that has just emerged in China.


Coral fleece is manufactured using imported DTY superfine fibers as raw materials. Compared with other textiles, its advantages are particularly obvious: including it, it feels soft and delicate, does not shed hair, and is easy to dye.

Soft hand feeling: the single filament has fine size and small bending modulus, so its fabric has outstanding softness.

Good coverage: Due to the high density between fibers and large specific surface area, the coverage is good.

Good wearability: Because the fiber has a larger specific surface area, it has a higher wicking effect and air permeability, and it is comfortable to wear. Good stain removal: Because the fiber fabric is soft and can be closely attached to the object to be wiped, it has a good The cleaning effect.

Optical: Due to the large specific surface area of the fiber, the light reflection on the surface of the fiber assembly is poor. Therefore, the fabric made of this fiber has a light and soft color.


It is easy to generate static electricity. Due to the weaving principle, there will be hair loss. It is recommended to wash it with water before wearing. (Dry skin in winter, wipe moisturizer before wearing, or use antistatic detergent when washing). Because of the loss of floating hair, it is recommended that people with skin allergies and asthma should avoid wearing this fabric.

Application aspect

Coral fleece is the latest and best-selling fabric among textile fabrics. It is characterized by soft hand feeling, fine texture and environmental protection.

Mainly used in night gowns, baby products, children's clothing, pajamas, shoes and hats, toys, car accessories, craft products, home accessories and other fields, the home textile industry is more and more popular. A large number of coral velvet bedding has emerged on the market, gradually replacing traditional bedding. Series such as coral fleece blankets, quilts, pillows, sheets, pillowcases and four-piece bedding sets are trusted by consumers.