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Aug 21

What Is A Diatomite Bathroom Mat?

What Is A Diatomite Bathroom Mat?cid=3

Diatom bathroom mat: As the name suggests, it is a bathroom mat made of diatomaceous earth. Material diatomaceous earth has excellent water absorption, can quickly absorb the water droplets left on the feet after bathing. This bathroom mat can feel the temperature of the foot as soon as the wet foot is stepped on, and then the temperature rises, instantly sucking the water from the foot. When it started to dry, due to the heat of vaporization, the temperature began to drop back to the original temperature. After about 30 minutes, the absorbent foot pad would be completely dry. The small size can be used in the limited space environment of the dressing place, even men with big feet can use it calmly.


1. Natural raw materials: natural materials, environmentally friendly and healthy, made of natural minerals such as diatomaceous earth and imported pulp

2. Refreshing and comfortable: stepping on it is like stepping on real soil, with a strong sense of comfort

3. Safe and non-slip: After bathing every day, the bathroom floor is no longer slippery, reducing the risk of slipping for the elderly and children, and protecting the safety of the family; at the same time, there is no need to worry about the harm of textiles or chemical synthetic materials to the human body.

4. Deodorization and antibacterial: Material characteristics absorb water and deodorize, the surface is dry, and it is difficult for mites and bacteria to survive

5. Housewife's helper: After the bath, the bathroom is dry and tidy, which is very easy to clean, reducing the housewife's labor of mopping the floor. It is not necessary to clean the foot pads frequently. Lean against the wall after taking a bath every day, and put it in the bathroom when bathing again.

6. High cost performance: Durable, not easy to damage, easy to clean, theoretically can be used for 10 years or even longer


    ·Do not drop from a high place, and do not apply strong impact to avoid damage to the product.

    ·Please use the label face down.

    ·The nature of diatomite is that there will be a small amount of powder on the surface, which is not a quality problem. For users who do not like to stand barefoot, it is recommended to put a towel on the diatom bath mat. The moisture contained in the towel can also be absorbed cleanly.

    ·Dry it thoroughly after use.