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Healthy Natural Latex PillowHealthy Natural Latex Pillow

Healthy Natural Latex Pillow

Natural Latex Pillow for Sleeping, Ergonomic Contour Pillow for Neck Pain Relief, Spine Support. The softness and high elasticity of the latex, in the moment of lying down, no time difference to conform to the neck curve, quickly rebound, fill the gap between the neck and shoulder, every time the head rolls, the muscle can get the ideal support, release the head pressure, relieve neck and shoulder fatigue To create a relaxing and comfortable sleeping environment.]

- Natural Latex,Soft latex foam pillow is made from the natural rubber tree juice, which is very resilient and soft, will not be broken, and has a long service life.

- The honeycomb structure is breathable and well heat-dissipating

- Pure natural latex softness & high elasticity and never deformed

- Scientific B-shaped three curve design, providing comfortable support for the cervical spine and neck. 

- Provide OEM & ODM

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