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Jan 15

How To Choose The Most Impeccable Reason For You?

Why do you like silk quilts in summer, especially women? We found through research that there are four major functions!

 How To Choose The Most Impeccable Reason For You?cid=3

Moisture, comfortable and dry

The interior of the silk fiber is covered with dense voids. These voids have a high function of moisture absorption and ventilation; her moisture regain is about 11%, which is higher in natural fibers.


Cool, deep sleep

Silk is the finest fiber in natural fiber.

Because the silk has good gas permeability and moisture absorption properties, and the silk surface is smooth and soft, the silk made of silk fabric is more able to feel the cool feeling. Close-fitting, suitable for naked sleep. So more suitable for summer use.


Skin care, beautiful and lasting

Silk has no fiber to match, the amino acids required by the human body, 97% of its fiber belongs to protein, and it is called the second layer of skin. Its sericin has a natural moisturizing factor similar to the skin's stratum corneum, so it can prevent wrinkles and the girls are hesitant?


Adjust temperature to prevent colds

In summer, air conditioning is inevitable, but you may not know that summer is actually the most vulnerable to colds. The silk is well-fitting, because of the small pores distributed in the fiber, it can be adjusted according to the changes of internal and external temperature, ensuring that the summer does not catch a cold.