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Feb 20

How To Choose The Right Sleeping Bag For Your Baby?

Two important elements of choosing a sleeping bag: First, the temperature of the environment. This is the same as we have to change clothes of different thickness throughout the year, it should be hot and cold, the temperature should not be too high or too low; the second is the size of the baby's body. Your baby's body will grow rapidly with time. Sleeping bags are too small to affect your baby's activities. The sleeping bag is too big to protect. Therefore, choosing the right sleeping bag for your baby is also a matter of learning.

You're ready to make the move to a sleeping bag, but how do you choose the right one?

Learn from our handy tog chart.

The warmth coefficient of a sleeping bag is generally expressed in tog, and the higher the tog value, the better the warmth. 

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Ambient room temperature refers to the temperature in a room and can be influenced by many factors including the weather outside, insulation, use of heating and cooling systems and humidity. Once you know the ambient room temperature, match this measurement to the sleeping bag that's best for your baby based on its TOG rating. If only every decision could be this easy!