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Apr 19

Is Your Underwear perfect? 5 Things You Can Improve It

Have you ever asked this question to yourself? If not, then, now is the time! Underwear these days have become an inevitable part of the fashion industry. Thus, "Who cares?"  attitude is not acceptable anymore. The undergarment that you are wearing should look and feel better than just "it's fine". It is not just important for impressing your partner, but a sexy men's underwear style can even add to your inner confidence.

Is Your Underwear perfect? 5 Things You Can Improve It

Are you using the right fit?

This is the very first question that every man needs to ask before buying any sort of apparel and not just underwear. The baggy undies are undoubtedly airy and comforting, but it comes with the problem of bunching and riding up. The underwear should stay snugly in the right place. Moreover, the loose fit even leads to chafing due to rubbing of the skin against the fabric. This is the reason why you need to upgrade your collection from the traditional droopy undies to the fitted boxer shorts or men's trunk underwear.

Are you still obsessed with the old style?

Having an ever favorite style of men's underwear is a good thing, but you need to keep upgrading the style with the changing trend. Even the tighty-whiteys are now available with a trendy appeal. The briefs for men these days features better anatomical construction along with the enticing patterns. Along with this, there are a plethora of contemporary styles available in the market these days. Your collection should be perfect in comparison to the current trend. So, try the modern cuts of men's bikinis, thongs and others as well. Regardless of age, occupation, and lifestyle, every man deserves a great pair of men's underwear.

Is the cut perfect for the occasion?

Just like the dressing style varies from one occasion to another, so does the style of underwear. For instance, you may use boxers and brief, at the workplace, but for the date night, you need something more exotic. The thongs for men and other such revealing cuts are perfect. Similarly, during workouts and other strenuous activities, you need something more supportive like men's jockstrap or boxer briefs. Check if you are dressed according to the occasion and event or not.

What is the fabric of the skivvy?

The fabric is surely the king when it comes to choosing the right apparel. It becomes even more important for the undergarment as it touches the unmentionables of the wearer. Cotton underwear is surely incomparable. Moreover, it is one of the safest options for you. You can even go for the natural fibers like nylon, silk or polyamide. The fabric should have a pinch of spandex to ensure stretchiness and easy leg movement. At times, you can even go for the see-through fabrics. The sheer or lace underwear for men is made up flimsy material that is not just airy, but sexy as hell.

Is it stylish enough?

Having checked all the functionality of the undergarment, it now time to question the style. Gone are the days when the undergarment was just used to cover the genitals. This is one of the inevitable factors of the overall personality of an individual. While men's trunks are a must, make sure that you have a collection of the stylish bikinis, thongs and other such styles. This is one of the most important improvements that you need to make to your underwear collection.