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Jan 25

Let's Talk Sock Thickness

Let's Talk Sock Thickness


Lightweight socks that offer no additional cushioning and are designed primarily to act as a modest barrier between your foot and the shoe. These socks have less bulk, are highly breathable, and are quick drying so they work best in warm conditions.  Thin socks are often a good choice if your shoe fits very close to your foot and additional volume will compromise shoe fit.


Medium-thick socks offer additional cushioning throughout the entire sock or heel and forefoot.  The benefits of added cushioning are greater comfort and impact protection, a more secure shoe fit, and less opportunity for friction between your foot and the shoe.  Most medium-thick socks adapt well to most temperature conditions.


Thick socks offer additional supplemental cushioning, usually across the bottom of the foot for maximum impact protection.  These socks work best for people who have thin fat pads under their feet or need additional bulk to improve shoe fit.  Thick socks because of their added volume work well in cooler temperatures as added insulation.


Mapped cushioning is a hybrid cushioning method that incorporates the best of what traditional thin and medium cushioning offer.  Rather than cushioning the entire foot, the needed cushioning is strategically placed in only the high impact and high friction areas of the sock.  Mapped cushioning allows for impact protection, but reduces the weight of the sock, enhances the fit, and allows for maximum breathability.