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Aug 13

What Do You Know About The Regular Fabrics Of Underwear?

What do you know about the regular fabrics of underwear?

What Do You Know About The Regular Fabrics Of Underwear?cid=3With the development of textile materials and technology, the materials of the underwear are mostly blended. In order to increase the elasticity of the underwear, different materials are usually blended with spandex. Under normal circumstances, the more the spandex content, the greater the elasticity, the higher the price of the same quality.

1. 100% Cotton + Spandex

(This fabric is the mainstream product on the market, generally in proportion to 95% cotton + 5% spandex)

Advantage: Good elasticity, good water absorption, soft and comfortable

Disadvantage: Poor moisture permeability, easy to wrinkle and shrink

2. Polyester Cotton + Spandex

Advantage: Good elasticity, durable, quick drying

Disadvantage: Easy to generate static electricity, easy to absorb dust

3. Modal + Spandex

Advantage: Natural,comfortable, good water absorption, good drape

Disadvantage: But clothes with high modal content, not durable, easy to deform

4. Nylon + Spandex

Advantage: Natural, comfortable and silky, flexible and durable

Disadvantage: Poor heat resistance and light resistance

5. Milk Silk Fabric

Advantage: Natural fiber, closer to human skin. Durable, washable, easy to care

Disadvantage: Poor air permeability

6. Ice Silk Fabric

Advantage: Silky, cool, breathable, antistatic

Disadvantage: Seasonal is too strong, only suitable for summer use

The caressing feel of cool flowing silk-satin on the skin is sensually captivating even after the most fleeting encounter. Regardless of the choice of quality made by the wallet, the body aesthetics have long since made the decision between like and dislike.

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