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Nov 13

What is the best comforter filler?

About one-third of our lives are spent in bed. The comfort of the quilt directly affects the quality of sleep. The quilt's filling is also varied. What kind of filler is the best?

Wool Comforter - The most close-fitting quilt

Wool comforter is made of cashmere. It is also a symbol of fashion life. Cashmere fiber has excellent warmth, fit, breathability, drape and resilience.

Advantages: warm, close and comfortable.

Duvet - The lightest quilt

The main fillings for duvets are goose down and duck down. Compared with the two, goose down is better than duck down. But regardless of the type of duvet, its main quality indicator is the amount of cashmere. In general, more than 50% of the velvet is a high quality duvet.

Advantages: good warmth, and good hygroscopically, sweat permeability, relatively dry.

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Silk Comforter - The most environmentally friendly quilt

The best silk are supposed to be filled with 100% silk. Because silkworms cannot touch chemicals such as pesticides during their growth, silk should be the most environmentally friendly quilt.

Advantages: The main component of silk is animal protein fiber, containing more than a dozen amino acids, which is beneficial to the human body.

Cotton Quilt - The most traditional quilt

The quilt is a relatively traditional quilt in history. The raw material used for cotton is a natural cotton fiber. The material of the cotton quilt is natural and soft, and the cotton is not stimulated when it comes into contact with the skin, and has no odor, and the price is moderate, so it is popular among the majority of civilian consumers.

Advantages: natural, warm, moderate price

Tips:Choose the color, thickness, material, etc. of the quilt as the season changes. In the hot summer, the quilt can choose cool green, sapphire, light gray, white and other cool colors. Spring and winter can choose purple, yellow, orange, beige, light yellow. Warm green quilt, such as earth green and pink series, is more comfortable and comfortable in visual effect.