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Jul 04

Buying Guide to Towels---Towel Size

Buying Guide to Towels---Towel Size

If a towel is denser and has a bit of weight to it, it's usually more durable and will be very absorbent.

If a towel has a soft, velvety texture and is light and airy, it will be soft and fast-drying.

Large towels, small towels, thin towels, thick towels, consumers usually choose the type of towels according to their needs, the following is a recommendation on the choice of towel size.

A post-bathing towel that is big enough to really wrap me up in. Bath Sheet: This towel is a little larger than a bath towel-which makes it great for drying off and wrapping up in. 35" by 60" – 70"

A standard towel for drying off post-shower or bath. Bath Towel: The standard body towel for drying after a shower or bath. 27" by 52" – 58"

Something to use to wash my face or body. Washcloth: These are usually used in and out of the bathtub or shower for body, hands, and face. 13" by 13"

A towel for drying up after washing my hands. Hand Towel: For drying hands after washing. (Note: hand towels get used a lot, so look for durable options when selecting these). 16" by 28" - 30"

A pretty little towel for guests to use when they've washed their hands. Fingertip Towel: These are a bit smaller than standard hand towels. They're often used in guest bathrooms, or when entertaining-sometimes layered with hand towels for display. 11" by 18"

Something on the floor when stepping in or out of the shower. Tubmat: Dense and absorbent, a tub mat is placed on the floor for stepping out of the tub or shower. 22" by 34"