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Nov 08

Ultimate Guide To Men's Shirt ---Color

Wear different clothes for different occasions. However, there is one wonder garment that works across the whole spectrum of social settings. Wear it to a funeral, wear it at the pub, wear it at work, wear it to meet the Queen. With all of its different variations, the shirt is without a doubt the most versatile article of dress there is. How much do you know about men's shirts color?

Ultimate Guide To Men's Shirt ---Color

A shirt's color is the first thing we notice. It can be determined a hundred feet away and may send a message that the man wearing it is outgoing or that he knows how to fit in.

White is the most common shirt color, and for good reason.  Historically, it has dominated the scene, and initially was the only choice for a gentleman. 

It wasn't until the English began to introduce colors from their weekends and country wear that colors and patterns became fashionable.  Still, white holds it's place as the most formal color; a man can safely assume a white shirt will never be out of place.

Blue came on to the shirt scene a bit later, blue and colors with similar hues are especially flattering to most male complexions; thus the popularity of blue exploded in the United States as more and more off-the-rack manufactures looked for colors and patterns that would sell. Today the color firmly holds a place as the second most popular color.

Pink, gold, lavender…..the popularity contest continues.  These other colors make great accents, But everyone is an independent individual, and that's a point that is often overlooked; every man has a unique look based off his complexion, hair color, eye color, and their amount of contrast.  Using these cues, a man is better served to find the color and combinations that compliment his unique style than to chase the popular colors of the season.